01 February 2009

Goodbye, Hello!

So as many of you know I recently lost my cell phone. I left it in my pants on the floor of my room and it followed the rest of the dirty clothes into the washing machine. I owned the above phone. Yes the infamous (murderous or just more than famous?) Motorola Razr. I know I bought it about 5 years after it was really cool but it was the first cell phone I owned that wasn't simply the cheapest phone Verizon offered me. It made me feel cool. I loved the crisp snap that occurred when I flipped it open and closed. In fact, flipping it closed to end a call was one of my favorite things. I can't explain it. It also helped that all the cool fashion people on Ugly Betty (they must have had a contract with Motorola) also used the Razr. So I figured I would just get another one. But Verizon didn't offer it anymore. So I had to find a new phone. Enter the LG enV2.

It's a good thing my contract was ripe for extension because I definitely couldn't afford to pay much and I also didn't want a refurbished phone that had an antennae bigger than the phone itself. I ended up paying $50 for this. Good thing I got the deal. I had no idea how much it was till I tried to upgrade my wife's phone at full price. It costs more than my Wii. Anyway, I have fallen absolutely in love with it. On the outside it's a good solid phone. It is sturdy with a reassuring weight to it. That amount of heft told me that it had to have lots of good stuff inside. It MUST be chock full of cell phone goodness. Plus it looks pretty cool. Then I opened it and my cell phone life changed forever.

Hurray! The full keyboard! Where have you been?!? I can type a term paper on this baby faster than it used to take me to respond to "Are you at home?" So if you get a text message from me that is overly long, please forgive me. I'm just still excited. Next cool feature. As soon as I brought it near my computer the bluetooth mechanism on both devices synched. I didn't even know my Mac had bluetooth! Anyway, my phone now has a Harvey Unga wallpaper and the song "My Love is Like a Nectar." I must admit though that I don't plan on using this as my portable music player (there's a memory card slot if you are serious about doing so). Someone already invented something called the Ipod.

Now the more I explored this phone the more I realized that it could do really cool stuff: Tell me when I get emails and let me access my gmail and yahoo email accounts, give me step by step spoken driving directions like a car navigation system, help me find a good restaurant or where a movie I want to see is being played or just map my current location and follow me around, watch video content from ESPN to Cartoon Network and everywhere in-between as well as browsing web based content from sports to news (not the full internet mind you). The catch with all of these really cool things was that I am on the most basic cheap plan the world has ever seen. Good thing I got a raise this year because I am no longer on that plan. I couldn't not do it. It was like having a Ferrari and using it just to cross the street. You can see below how happy my enV2 has made me.

We haven't been apart yet. We'll never break up! I can feel it! Anyway, if anyone is looking for a new phone and you want to become one of the cool kids, you can't go wrong with the enV2. Buy one and maybe we can hang out again. 


jamirodana said...

Wow, I can truly feel the admiration you have for your new phone. If you ever get "phone sick" for the Razor, Jake has it.

Maker said...

I will trade you for my Razr. Since you are my friend.
Also, don't text me. Ever. I am not on a text plan. Actually, if you paypal me at $0.25 a time, feel free to text me all you like.

J.R. said...

Oh the no text plan. Jake we were getting charged for texts we received from other people and it was exceeding $5.00 a month so we just added it.

Anonymous said...

How funny is this commentary? I think I laughed harder at this innocent wonder than any movie I've seen recently. Take care dude!