04 November 2008


How I missed this is beyond me but apparently on Oct 30th Harmonix (the makers of Rock Band) and Apple Corp announced that they have inked a deal to make a stand alone game featuring (according to some sources) 45 tracks spanning the entire Beatles career. This is huge. This is the Holy Grail of music based video game deals! A close second would be Led Zeppelin but THIS IS THE BEATLES!

The game is set to be released by next Christmas. So how did Rock Band land the deal and not Activision (Guitar Hero)? Apparently they paid through the nose for it. What I am understanding is that most deals made with the musicians favor the video game company because of the increased exposure they give to the band. Well all that leverage goes away when you are talking about the greatest (subjective) and still highest selling (objective) band of all time.

Here is a youtube clip to pump you up!

Just in case you are worried that this is just rumor and wishful uh wishing, you can read the Apple Corps. press release here at thebeatles.com

And here is the press release from Harmonix.

When I play Across the Universe I'd better be wearing the stadium pal because I guarantee I'll wet myself! Anyway, what are the 10 songs that for you MUST be on this game? I'll post mine:

Across the Universe
While My Guitar gently Weeps
Helter Skelter
I Am the Walrus
Hide Your Love Away
Twist and Shout
I'm Looking Through You
Can't Buy Me Love
Come Together

Let's hear yours.

01 November 2008

Poltergeist Movie Commentary

I linked to the actual commentary in my Poltergeist blog, but Jon says I need a new post so it'll show up in your reader, otherwise no one will ever know. So click here, here, here, here or here and listen to our movie commentary. REMEMBER TO HAVE POLTERGEIST READY TO PLAY or at least fresh in your mind.

Stay cool.