27 September 2007

Returning to My Fatherland

So in a few days (October 10-14 to be exact) I will be back in Utah for my brother Spencer's wedding. I'm way excited for him and Erin. While I am out there I want to hook up with as many of my Utah friends as possible. So here's what I'll have available.
Oct 10th I'm free all day until the evening. I think it would be fun to do lunch at the Spaghetti Factory in SLC or Tucanos/China Rirry in Provo or something. That night I have a family dinner. Of course the 11th is the wedding. My time should be open on the 12th. I would love to have a get together at my place that afternoon/evening or whatever. Please let me know where and when we can hang out and be cool. I look forward to see you all soon!

19 September 2007

What About Bob?

Released in 1991,What About Bob? is a film about multi phobic personality Bob Wiley (Bill Murray, duh) who has a tendency to cling to his psychiatrists. Bob's current doctor pawns him off on Doctor Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfus) who has just written the best seller Baby Steps and is about to go on vacation to Lake Winnipesauke where Good Morning America is coming to talk to him about his book. His final appointment is with Bob who after 10 minutes with Doctor Marvin feels for the first time that there is hope. The breakthrough moment comes when Bob mentions that he is divorced because "There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't. My ex-wife loves him." Doctor Marvin responds with "So what you're saying is that even though you are an almost paralyzed, multi phobic personality who is in a constant state of panic, your wife did not leave you, you left her because she loves Neil Diamond." Bob is stunned when he realises that maybe his wife left him. Let the healing begin. But when Bob learns that Doctor Marvin is about to go on vacation he breaks down and follows him. Bob gains the love and admiration of Doctor Marvin's family and drives Doctor Marvin insane. Doctor Marvin tries to kill Bob and naturally Bob marries Leo's sister.

Let me start by saying that even though I love this movie I can understand why some people don't. My dad, for instance, hates it. I think it's because he is a lawyer and has been a Bishop multiple times. So what I gather is that there have been "Bobs" that have not let my dad have any peace. Can you really imagine how it must be for Doctor Marvin? Now that we are past that, we can get on with enjoying a fantastic comedy. This, I believe, marks the first Bill Murray film where he no longer is the big jerk character (Stripes, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day etc. BTW I DO love those movies). He is a very likable character. Kind, caring, funny. I think that's why we sympathize with Bob even though his behavior is outrageously inappropriate.

This movie has one of my favorite quotes ever. In the beginning of the film Bob turns to his Goldfish and says "Good morning, Gill." Not getting a response from Gill, Bob fixes the fish with a steely glare and says "I said, good morning, Gill." The delivery is fantastic. I also love when Bob tracks down Leo at the Lake and goes into his plea "Check it out! I'm really bad! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! I need! I need! I need!" There are two scenes in this movie that almost make my sweet wife...well let's just say she can't watch it when she's pregnant and there's already too much pressure on the old bladder. The first is near the beginning of the film when Bob is at the bus stop and a bus passes by. After the bus passes we see bob on the ground crawling around. The other is Bob eating dinner with the Marvins.
Something I find great in an odd way is having Richard Dreyfus for Doctor Marvin. You see, I haven't liked a single Richard Dreyfus film since Jaws. And I didn't like any before Jaws. Really Jaws is the only Dreyfus movie for me. Can you imagine if he had been picked as Han Solo? Ugh! So I LOVE having Richard Dreyfus being the victim of Bob turning the good Doctor's family against him.

Now there is one part of the movie I don't like. If the Guttman's saved all that money, why didn't they buy another dream house on the lake? They are stuck living above there store because the Marvin's bought their dream home? What happaned to all that money they saved? It get's me.

But that's not so big a deal. I can forgive the Guttman's because I assume they sold Bob his fantastic "Don't Hassle Me. I'm Local" T-shirt. Ahoy Bill Murrray fans. This movie, just like Bob, sails.

So tell me what you think. And don't forget to suggest your favorite (not Rated R) Halloween film. My pick is Night of the Living Dead.

11 September 2007

Movie of The Month Club Thingy

OK so I want to start a movie of the month sorta deal with all of you my buddies and my enemies. And I want to run it via this blog. What I'm thinking is each month we'll do a movie and I'll post a blog about it. Then because you all want to participate, you will also watch the movie and then you can all comment about it. When you post your comments, don't forget to suggest a movie for the next month. I'll take those suggestions and make a poll and we can all vote on the next movie. Keep in mind that next month is October.

As for this month, I want to start with a Bill Murray movie. See the poll to the right.
"So let's get going. There's no other choice. God willing, we will prevail in peace and freedom from fear and in true health through the purity of our essence of our natural fluids" - Dr. Strangelove

10 September 2007

Exploring Roy

So when I got here to Hawaii I decided it was time for a fresh start. A new me. So when people would ask I started saying that my name was Roy. I used to think that name was so sissy. The only thing I knew was I was spared the french version (LeRoy) by my mother's intervention, and that there is a town in Utah called Roy.

But lately I've been thinking of how cool that name is. Maybe I would have been popular if I had gone by that name in High School. Roy is the guy with feathery hair who plays accoustic guitar for the girls in the high school cafeteria. That being said I'll quickly mention my favorite Roys.

Roy Stalin
Roy Stalin is of course the high school hunk in Better Off Dead who stole Lane Myer's girlfriend Beth. She told Lane over the phone that she would be better off dating someone more popular. Feathery hair, plays accoustic in the high school cafeteria. Sound familiar? Roy is a Dreamboat. If he were from California he would be a California dreamboat. Roy is the reason high school girls put up with jerks for boyfriends.

Roy Orbison
My mother loves Roy Orbison more than all get out. I don't really know that much about him. I know. He's a member of the legendary Traveling Willburys. Which seems to be the most famous band I know of where no one can tell me any of their songs. All that is beside the point. I dig that he is a prolific musician but what really gets me is the growl. I'm talking about the part in the song Pretty Woman where he rolls his throat. That's sexy. I've been working on it. Also, the glasses are great. Guys can't don (Roy doesn't wear anything, he dons) eyewear like that anymore. I don't even dare try.

Deep Roy

Deep is my current favorite Little Person. OK So we all know that he was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but did you know that he was also the "pig-brained Peking Homonculus" or "Mr. Sin", a villain with a distinct appetite for homicide, in the acclaimed Doctor Who story The Talons of Weng-Chiang? It's true. Also, he was freaking in Flash Gordon - one of the funniest movies ever - as Princess Aura's Pet, Fellini. Now don't confuse him for that silly actor in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. That ain't Deep.

Robert Roy MacGregor

Otherwise known as Rob Roy. My family swears that we are related to William Wallace as I'm sure everyone with Scottish ancestry does. Now we do have Scottish blood and my Uncle Jim tells me that we had ancesters who bled at Dunkirk, so this is as close as I can get. I don't know much about Rob Roy other than what Liam Neeson has taught me. But I'll tell you that the final sword fight in Rob Roy is the best. Of course he gets beat but you can't defeat a guy who simply grabs your blade with his hand and pulls you in to kill you.

Anyway, that's all I got. Those fantastic famous Roys and of course Roy Utah. Now you tell me that I should go with Jeremiah over Roy? Yeah, right.

01 September 2007

The Happiest I've Ever Been! Ever!

So as many of you know every time I buy something that I want to use immediately Val makes me put it in the Christmas pile. Well this time I worked it! I sold a game Val didn't like (those silly skimpy outfits of the Marvel Comics Girls!) and used the money to buy Tiger Woods PGA 07 (I love that game too). So I put THAT in the Christmas pile and I whipped this one out. Oh my gadget I love it! Of course I picked BYU as my dynasty. I started out using the "Freshman" difficulty level to get my feet wet and promptly blew out Arizona and UCLA by 50 point margins. So I switched it up to "Varsity" and immediately lost to Tulsa in overtime. Well I'm getting better. I just learned how to do the tripple option. Which is good cause I'm not very good at passing. Crummy corners close so fast! But I use Manase and Fui like a dream. Anyway, I'm really enjoying myself. Val has had to wash several pairs of my shorts as I soil myself with delight every hour or so. Thought I would share my joy with you guys. Hey! You can come over ANYTIME to play with me!