09 May 2010

What is Church Coming To?

Finally, not only is this a training that Val isn't guilting me into going to but she REFUSES to let me go. Seriously though, six kids later I don't think I need it.

(BTW this is from our real program, I didn't photoshop or recreate this. If you want to attend the training let me know).

11 January 2010

Sony Rebooting Spider-Man in 2012! - ComingSoon.net

Sony Rebooting Spider-Man in 2012! - ComingSoon.net

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Seriously, how stupid is this? Just as they were getting me excited about putting the franchise back on track with John Malkovich as the Vulture. Now they are starting over and all of Spidey's adventures will be about how tough it is to be a superhero and a nerd in High School. I really hope Zac Efron is the star so I can hate it as much as possible. Here comes High School Musical 10: Spiderman Goes to Prom