16 January 2009

Wii UnFit

I feel like I just won the Wii lottery! I went to the local Gamestop to pick up Super Mario Bros galaxy for my kids when there it was. The employees had just unpacked 6 Wii Fits. They said that the shipment had come 30 minutes ago and had already moved half of their order. Since the salesman was answering the phone with "Thank you for calling Gamestop. We have the Wii Fit in stock," I imagine the rest would only be there for another 30 minutes.

So I ran home and hooked it up. The results are in. I am healthy, but just barely. I am right on the line of overweight. I need to lose 19 pounds to have my optimal BMI (thanks a lot, stupid delicious holidays!). That's pretty close to what I thought (I'm 181 and I want to be 160-165ish ) so we're on the same page. My Wii Fit age is 44. Well that's only 12 years older than I am I guess. Anyway, the good news is I have good posture and sense of balance. I have to go to work or I would have started sweating off my gut immediately but I'm excited to give it a try. Val is also excited since she can use it to work out while I'm in Monterey for the next 4 months. Hurray! Everybody wins!

Oh yeah. Super Mario Galaxy looks pretty fun too.

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