11 February 2009

The V-Day (not VD) CD is Done!

The Valentine's CD is finally done! As many of you know, this is Valerie's answer to the Halloween CD that Jon.R. produces every year. This is the 9th V-day CD and a very exciting one. Once again I picked half of the songs and Val picked the other half and we alternate. Try to guess which half is mine - the odds or the evens.

We cut in quotes from the last 2 minutes of Joe Versus the Volcano. I love that film, btw. You can now click on the songs above and listen to them or download them or whatever.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

1 comment:

joN. said...

i'll have to go with odd. we got some beatles up in there, plus some tears for fears. 'oh sherrie' is a love song guys enjoy singing. only girls like that pretenders song, but i'm impressed with valerie's franz ferdinand selection.