29 March 2011

My Semi-Occasional 101 Favorite Songs List

Haven't done this in a while but here it is. I admit some of these songs probably fall under the flavor of the moment category (No, you won't find Rebecca Black), that's ok. When I do the list again they will probably fall off. Anyway, here they are in alphabetical order. Enjoy and tell me what you think. Just so you know, I am right.

7 - Prince
Across the Universe - The Beatles
All You Need is Love - The Beatles
Allison Road - Gin Blossoms
Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin
Black Sheep - Metric
Blue Orchid - White Stripes
Body Movin' - Beastie Boys
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something
Brilliant Mind - Furniture
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground - White Stripes
Die Die Die - The Avett Brothers
Don't Stop Believing - Journey
Dream On - Aerosmith
Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears
For No One - The Beatles
Forest - The Cure
Great DJ - The Ting Tings
Hang On - Dr. Dog
Helplessly Hoping - Crosby Stills Nash and Young
Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms
Hotel Yorba - White Stripes
How Bizarre - OMC
I Am Mine - Pearl Jam
I Can't Smile Without You - Barry Manilow
I Melt With You - Modern English
I'm Bound to Pack it Up - White Stripes
I've Just Seen a Face - The Beatles
If You Leave - OMD
In a Big Country - Big Country
In Your Room - Depeche Mode
Intergalactic - Beastie Boys
Is She Weird? - Pixies
Jump - Van Halen
Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Just What I Needed - The Cars
Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen
Kiss Off - Violent Femmes
Knights of Cydonia - Muse
Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups
Leif Erikson - Interpol
Let's Go (Nothing for Me) - New Order
Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Lounge Act - Nirvana
Man Who Shot Liberty Valence - Gene Pitney
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Moon River - Audrey Hepburn
More than a Feeling - Boston
Mr. Knowitall - Primus
Mr. Roboto - Styx
Myriad Harbour - The New Pornographers
No One Knows - Queens of the Stoneage
Oh Sherrie - Steve Perry
One Headlight - Wallflowers
Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin
Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
Pure - The Lightning Seeds
Rainbow in the Dark - DIO
Rainy Days and Mondays - The Carpenters
Redemption Song - Bob Marley
Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads
Round and Round - Ratt
Runaround - Blues Traveller
Running to Stand Still - U2
S.O.S. - Rihanna
Sabotage - Beastie Boys
Save it For Later - English Beat
Shame - Avett Brothers
Shine on You Crazy Diamonds - Pink Floyd
Sin - Nine Inch Nails
Sitting - Cat Stevens
Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World - Iz
Space Age Love Song - Flock of Seagulls
Stay - Lisa Leob
Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
Street Spirit - Radiohead
Such Great Heights - Postal Service
Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
That's Love, That it Is - Blancmange
These Foolish Things - Roxy Music
Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
The Touch - Stan Bush
Uncle John's Band - Grateful Dead
Under a Milky Way - The Church
Until the End of Time - Doris Day
View to a Kill - Duran Duran
We're Going to Be Friends - White Stripes
What do All the People Know? - The Monroes
What You Need - INXS
When Doves Cry - Prince
Wind of Change - Scorpions
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
You Don't Know Me - Ray Charles
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles
Your Protector - Fleet Foxes

Hurray for Music!

09 May 2010

What is Church Coming To?

Finally, not only is this a training that Val isn't guilting me into going to but she REFUSES to let me go. Seriously though, six kids later I don't think I need it.

(BTW this is from our real program, I didn't photoshop or recreate this. If you want to attend the training let me know).

11 January 2010

Sony Rebooting Spider-Man in 2012! - ComingSoon.net

Sony Rebooting Spider-Man in 2012! - ComingSoon.net

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Seriously, how stupid is this? Just as they were getting me excited about putting the franchise back on track with John Malkovich as the Vulture. Now they are starting over and all of Spidey's adventures will be about how tough it is to be a superhero and a nerd in High School. I really hope Zac Efron is the star so I can hate it as much as possible. Here comes High School Musical 10: Spiderman Goes to Prom

27 December 2009

Best Christmas Ever

Last year I was watching The Game of Death with Valerie and I mentioned how cool it would be to own Bruce's famous yellow Jumpsuit. She was paying attention.

I have the best wife ever!
Love you, Val!
"Where's the Doctor?!?"
"Red Pepper."
"Red Pepper Restaurant?"

23 November 2009

The Fattest Week!

This is not going to be a good week for my waistline. I have to work on Thursday but they are providing a huge free Thanksgiving feast at work for FREE! I will be bringing a pecan pie (my new favorite!) and a lemon meringue pie. Then on Friday we are having our own Thanksgiving at the Fillmore house. At least 3 more pies. Then Saturday is the BYU Utah game. I'm the only guy I know who has DirecTV so lots of people will be coming over. I bought 3 racks of ribs, 3 bags of chips with cheese dip and salsa as well as 4 six packs of IBS Rootbeer. I'm also encouraging everyone to bring some food as well. If I don't gain 5 pounds this week it will be because I've died of a heart attack.

BTW go to The Holy War Blog to weigh in on this week's game!