12 February 2009

Starsky and Hutch...Finally

I'm sorry. I know I should have posted this a long time ago but I didn't. It's been a busy month.

So I know that there are a few adultish scenes in this film. Sorry to anyone who was offended. I had an edited copy, so I guess I skipped that stuff and NO it did NOT become a 5 minute movie. It was at least 45 minutes long! So anyway here it goes.

This is of course an adaptation of the 70s television show, which I've never seen ever. But I'm sure it was real fine and good. I would say my closest brush with Starsky and Hutch is the music video for Sabotage by the Beastie Boys (click here to watch it now!)

So the movie starts with Barry Manilow's "Can't Smile Without You." You may notice that song is the first track on my V-Day CD this year? So we find Reese Feldman who kills a man for losing one of his 3 planes transporting cocaine. The body is dumped into the ocean and later the body is found and leads to the our friends linking the crime to Feldman.

Anyway, cut to our intor of Starsky and Hutch. Starsky is a by-the-book cop. Hutch is laid back and irresponsible. Because Starsky fired a gun in a crowded street and Hutch got caught "undercover" robbing a bookie they are paired together, supposedly as punishment. 

Their differences come out immediately. Their only common link is Starsky's car which Hutch absolutely loves. They discover the body in the water and they trace it back to Feldman who says that Terrance (the body) was an ex-con that works for him under a fresh start program that helps paroled convicts get a job. During their meeting it is apparent that Feldman is obsessed with his Yacht. Starsky and Hutch then decide to track down the maker of Terrance's denim jacket, a man by the name of Big Earl. Big Earl is in prison and they visit him to get some information. This is the funniest part of the whole film. Big earl gives them a bag of coke in exchange for Hutch first showing his bellybutton and then imitating a dragon. Big Earl is obsessed with dragons. Big Earl finally coughs up the coke but not until Starsky and Hutch do "2 dragons." This is one of those rare movie moments where I laugh out loud really hard. 

In the mean time we learn Feldman is selling a huge amount of Coke that has no odor so it can't be detected by dogs or superficial drug tests. In fact the drugs that Starsky and Hutch get comes up as plain old sugar. So Stasky uses it in his coffee during a date. He gets wasted and nearly shoots some people at a disco, after losing a fixed dance of to Dancing Rick!

The next day Starsky and Hutch are shot at by a Korean man. After they capture him they learn he was hired by a man with a yacht. Putting two and two together, Starsky and Hutch go to Feldman's daughter's Bah Mitzvah, where they promptly shoot the girl's new pony. They are kicked from the force, and break up when it is learned that Starsky tried to get a transfer because he dislike Hutch. They make up and figure out that Feldman is giving out his coke in cars he is giving away at a benefit party. In the end they capture Feldman ala Key Largo with Huggie Bear knocking Feldman out with a golf club. In the chase however, Starsky's car is lost. At the end of the film we learn that Huggie Bear has bought Starsky a new car (exactly like the old one) from two white dudes, who turn out to be the actors who played the original Starsky and Hutch. 

There is some really funny stuff in this movie. I love the mic that they wire Huggy Bear with. It has a huge antenna that extends from his waist to his armpit and the mic itself looks like it came right off a mic stand. I love Starsky's character that he plays at the benefit. "Do it! Do it!"
I also love the scene at the police station locker room where Starsky has a fight with another cop who points out that the big towels are on the top shelf. Starsky and Hutch hav hand towels wrapped around their waists. Pretty sure that's a jab at Starsky's height. Anyway, pretty darn funny movie. Sorry about the less kid friendly parts. 

Now we are going to do a Valentine's movie but we are low on time so I am simply going to post a poll of movies that I chose. And then for the March movie I'll let whoever picked Starsky and Hutch pick the category. So check out the poll and Happy Valentine's day!

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