01 September 2007

The Happiest I've Ever Been! Ever!

So as many of you know every time I buy something that I want to use immediately Val makes me put it in the Christmas pile. Well this time I worked it! I sold a game Val didn't like (those silly skimpy outfits of the Marvel Comics Girls!) and used the money to buy Tiger Woods PGA 07 (I love that game too). So I put THAT in the Christmas pile and I whipped this one out. Oh my gadget I love it! Of course I picked BYU as my dynasty. I started out using the "Freshman" difficulty level to get my feet wet and promptly blew out Arizona and UCLA by 50 point margins. So I switched it up to "Varsity" and immediately lost to Tulsa in overtime. Well I'm getting better. I just learned how to do the tripple option. Which is good cause I'm not very good at passing. Crummy corners close so fast! But I use Manase and Fui like a dream. Anyway, I'm really enjoying myself. Val has had to wash several pairs of my shorts as I soil myself with delight every hour or so. Thought I would share my joy with you guys. Hey! You can come over ANYTIME to play with me!


Maker said...

Where's Unga? He is going to rock this year?


Maker said...

Forget that NCAA garbage.

Have you even seen this?!

Peter kills people

I think Pete built it. Too bad it has killed like 280 people.


Trevor said...

Thanks for the link to our blog. I'm the founder and administrator for the Cougar Crazies blog. Out of curiosity, how did you find out about us?

Britt said...

Hey JR,
Glad to know what you look like since I haven't seen ya in 12 years!!! LOL
See ya soon and have fun with your game. To bad I'm a Utes fan...lol.