10 September 2007

Exploring Roy

So when I got here to Hawaii I decided it was time for a fresh start. A new me. So when people would ask I started saying that my name was Roy. I used to think that name was so sissy. The only thing I knew was I was spared the french version (LeRoy) by my mother's intervention, and that there is a town in Utah called Roy.

But lately I've been thinking of how cool that name is. Maybe I would have been popular if I had gone by that name in High School. Roy is the guy with feathery hair who plays accoustic guitar for the girls in the high school cafeteria. That being said I'll quickly mention my favorite Roys.

Roy Stalin
Roy Stalin is of course the high school hunk in Better Off Dead who stole Lane Myer's girlfriend Beth. She told Lane over the phone that she would be better off dating someone more popular. Feathery hair, plays accoustic in the high school cafeteria. Sound familiar? Roy is a Dreamboat. If he were from California he would be a California dreamboat. Roy is the reason high school girls put up with jerks for boyfriends.

Roy Orbison
My mother loves Roy Orbison more than all get out. I don't really know that much about him. I know. He's a member of the legendary Traveling Willburys. Which seems to be the most famous band I know of where no one can tell me any of their songs. All that is beside the point. I dig that he is a prolific musician but what really gets me is the growl. I'm talking about the part in the song Pretty Woman where he rolls his throat. That's sexy. I've been working on it. Also, the glasses are great. Guys can't don (Roy doesn't wear anything, he dons) eyewear like that anymore. I don't even dare try.

Deep Roy

Deep is my current favorite Little Person. OK So we all know that he was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but did you know that he was also the "pig-brained Peking Homonculus" or "Mr. Sin", a villain with a distinct appetite for homicide, in the acclaimed Doctor Who story The Talons of Weng-Chiang? It's true. Also, he was freaking in Flash Gordon - one of the funniest movies ever - as Princess Aura's Pet, Fellini. Now don't confuse him for that silly actor in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. That ain't Deep.

Robert Roy MacGregor

Otherwise known as Rob Roy. My family swears that we are related to William Wallace as I'm sure everyone with Scottish ancestry does. Now we do have Scottish blood and my Uncle Jim tells me that we had ancesters who bled at Dunkirk, so this is as close as I can get. I don't know much about Rob Roy other than what Liam Neeson has taught me. But I'll tell you that the final sword fight in Rob Roy is the best. Of course he gets beat but you can't defeat a guy who simply grabs your blade with his hand and pulls you in to kill you.

Anyway, that's all I got. Those fantastic famous Roys and of course Roy Utah. Now you tell me that I should go with Jeremiah over Roy? Yeah, right.


Steve said...

I'm still calling you JR. and I doubt that you would have been more popular in high school with Roy, it would have taken more than name change. :)

joN. said...

don't dismiss roy's love for beth as anything but pure. beth is, after all, his "favorite name." roy orbison IS great. last year i listened to "cryin'" and i really did cry.

Carl said...

So, if you want to change your name and all, that's cool. I think Roy is just fine and your reasoning is perfectly in-line with who you are, you chameleon you!

Also, don't forget that Bruce's alter-persona in Die Hard was Roy, after Roy Rogers. So that's two other Roy's right there! BAM!

Amanda said...

Roy, huh? Well Anton and I will also continue calling you JR. You can't just up and change your name on us! We found your blog via a long chain of prior Fort Meaders. Hope all is well with you guys! You can find us at http://amandacreates.blogspot.com and http://pilotboywa.blogspot.com

Chapman Family said...

JR cannot be changed, sorry. The sword fight in Princess Bride cannot be beat. Can you do a back flip off of rocks and sword fight with your left and right arm? I think not. I am also a descendant of William Wallace. . . Stewarts are definitely Scottish. Maybe we are related!! Oh dear. jk

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about Roy Rogers. Or, better yet, why not call yourself Trigger after Roy' horse. He would be sooo proud.


wlf said...

Wm. LeRoy Fillmore has sent you a link to a blog:

Roy is good. LeRoy ("the king" in French)is better, however. As for your mother, I harbor the desparate hope that she loves Roy Orbison's music, not his person, personality or other accoutrements. - WLF