05 January 2009

Important Enough For this Blog.

There is right and there is wrong. And what's right is the University of Utah's football team getting voted #1 in the AP poll. It is hard for me to blog about this since I hate the Utes with all of my heart. But let's look at this.

1. Utah is the only unbeaten team in College Football.
2. Utah beat 4 top 25 teams including two teams that will end the season in the top 10.
3. Utah pounded Alabama. This is the same Alabama that was #1 for 5 of the last 6 weeks of the season. This is the same Alabama that almost beat Florida who is going to the championship game. This is the same Alabama that only lost one game in the SEC. Utah didn't just beat Alabama, they BEAT UP Alabama.

So the way I see it, if Florida beats OK on thursday then how can the AP give the #1 spot to anyone other than Utah? Now if OK destroys Florida then that's that. But Florida is good enough (I think they are the best team in College Football)  that it should be a close game.

What a wonderful world we'd live in if we woke up Friday morning and the Utes were #1 in the AP poll. What a fantastic argument for a legitimate playoff. So just this once, I'm pulling for you guys. You deserve it.


Erin and Spencer said...

The Utes are # 1 at sucking, at being stupid, at swearing, at kissing animals, at punching baby orphans, at eating patients in geriatric clinics and hating America. That is all...and possibley the best college team in the nation.
Proud to be an anlumn

Maker said...

JR, way to man up.
Too bad the BCS is a machine designed to make money and not find a legitimate national champion.

Go money, you're #1!!
You did it money, it was a hard fought battle but you're the BCS champ...again!

Chapman Family said...

Don't beat me up but we cheered our hearts our for the Utes and I do NOT hate them... I just don't cheer for them when they are playing BYU. Hey, my uncle is Pres. I gotta give him some love! :) And they DO deserve it. Go Utes!

J.R. said...

I'm sorry. I really do hate them. As Steve so often reminds me, as soon as Utah's success no longer benefits BYU (picked up by a BCS conference etc) I will be happy to never cheer for them ever again. Funny. I didn't hate Utah until I met Steve...

joN. said...

that's interesting. i didn't hate the utes until i moved to salt lake.