28 October 2008

I'm a (Chili) Winner!

I FINALLY won a freaking chili cookoff! It was the first annual Halawa Ward Chili Cookoff (which I've been begging for since I got her in Feb 2007). The recipe I used is clled Bunkhouse Chili and the special ingredient is a bottle of Jack Daniel's Original Spicy BBQ Sauce. I admit it was delicious and I was supremely confident in victory.

It didn't hurt that I was the organizer of the event. I know some will smell a rat in that association but I had nothing to do with the voting. Except for counting the votes. But I swear I was on the level and I only had three dead people vote, I swear! If anyone wants the recipe let me know.


Chapman Family said...

Congrats! Awww. So you had to move to Hawaii to win a Chili Cookoff. :) Who won the year before you left again?? oh yea. THE CHAPMANS! But who's counting? So now that I made you feel so good, I would like the recipe please if you can forgive the gloating.

Amanda said...

There are those of us who could claim to be chili cook off winners if it weren't for a certain someone who's blog this is.

J.R. said...

Amanda! Are you saying I sabotaged one of your chili cookoff efforts? I never! Did you have a chili that's not really chili one of those years?

If that's the case, send me some of your chili and I'll reconsider.

Whiggy said...

As the Ft Meade 2006 Chili cook off champion, I congratulate you