13 October 2008

I Am Married?

Did you all know that I have a beautiful wife named Valerie? Most of you did but you wouldn't have guessed from this blog. Aside from my occasional reference to a girl named Valerie, I have kept this blog almost exclusively about myself. But it's not my fault, Monique. Thanks for asking BTW. If it hadn't been for your complaint that Val was never in my blog she never would have allowed it. Let me explain.

Valerie trusts the Internet about as much as you can trust Penny Fathrington in a candy store during a ribbon candy sale. By that I mean she trusts the Internet less than zero. 
A few years ago when we were first married Val went to a seminar sponsored by the Relief Society in Portland, Maine where a policeman spoke about safety. Two things came of that meeting. 1 - It is imperative that we have a cell phone. 2 - No trace of our family would ever EVER end up on the world wide interweb. 

So when I started this delightful blog a year ago (mostly in envy of all my Blogging friends) Val insisted that to my readers I would present myself as a lone man in the world.
I agreed and have tried my best to keep it that way. She has softened some as I posted pics of our last (10th!) anniversary and mentioned her name a few times. This doesn't mean this blog will start covering the every action of my sweet wife. She wouldn't have it but she should get mentioned more often and maybe the occasional picture too!

So we've been married for 10 years. I know what you are saying. Lucky Valerie! I know. I remind her every day. Seriously though I don't think I could have found a more perfect partner. She is kind and forgiving but just pushy enough to get me to do 
the stuff I know I should. I've pictured myself without her "assistance" and it's not pretty. 

Perhaps the thing I love the most about Valerie though is that she is a hopeless romantic. Our first Christmas she was game for whipping out our credit cards and spending a month in Europe. What a ridiculous thing for penniless college students to do. But it was wonderful. New Years Eve in Paris (unwitting victims of jet lag while everyone else was at the Eiffel Tower), train rides through the Swiss-Italian Alps, looking for bathrooms all over Italy and checking out the gorgeous country side of Greece. I love and will never cease to be amazed by Valerie's willingness to do things that don't always make sense in our heads but seem like the right thing to do in our hearts.

I love you Valerie. You are the best.

Happy now Monique?


Chapman Family said...


I love that sweet Valerie too and I'm glad that she condoned your post. And being the hopeFUL romantic that she is, I hope she was flattered. You guys are so cool.

P.S. Go BYU! They are still undefeated! The first half of the last game worried me a bit, but they pulled it out. Wasn't Collie great! They didn't use the running game as much as I would have liked, but we got a W. Hope we can hold on until the Utes, then DESTROY THEM! (right Steve?) :) We loved getting together to watch them play with you. What a friend bonding time.

J.R. said...

If we get past this week (and I think we'll win by more than people think) then we'll be undefeated at the u game. I also think we should run the ball more. When Harvey averages 4.5 yards a carry...well, you can do the math.

Maker said...

Wait, you're married?!
Are you serious or are you messing with me?

jamirodana said...

That was a nice post. I think Val is super nice. I am jealous of the Europe trip too.
We haven't been anywhere out of this country........ever.
Oh wait, I have been to Tijuana. Does that count?

Swint said...

Great post about Val, good to see her lighten up a bit.


It's ironic that the Utes are BYU's last chance to make some real dough this year.

Swint said...

By the way, JR and I started a BYU-Utah blog, cougsandutes.blogspot.com. (though the address may change, may not, it is really new). Check it out. JR you should blog about it.