03 November 2007

Coming Home

Remember when we were in High School and we made fun of the grads who came back for school dances? What a bunch of low lifes. Then one fine day our freshman year at BYU Jon and I got a call from our friend Sara (the) Morrison. So we went back to Timpview's Homecoming. Yeah, we were losers. Anyway I found this pic. The girl I'm with turned out to be the best friend of my yet unmet wife Valerie. Hey! Jon had hair!


Maria said...

How am I supposed to respect Jon after seeing him pose in front of that castle as a freshman in college?

Please, tell me how.....


J.R. said...

You're not. Did you before? Well good for Jon then.

Maker said...

I never considered you and Jon to be losers...but now I officially do.
Please never contact me again. Ever.

I think it's just better this way.