14 October 2007

Hawaii Jon-0

Jon and Maria came to Hawaii a few weeks ago. I'm sorry I didn't post earlier but I promptly went out of town. Oh there'll be a post about that too.
So we surfed (the above pic wasn't just a pose) in shark infested waters, we snorkled in Shark's Cove (oddly NOT shark infested waters) and we ate at Teddy's Bigger burgers. Aside from that they taught us a new game called Bang (which I highly recommend) and they put up with a game of Cities and Knights (I like parentheticals). Why does no one like that game other than Val and I? It's all these crummy purists who insist that it distracts from the "real" game. Well if you can't handle it, then something something.

Anyway, it was great to have Jon out. I hope that in the next 4 years we recieve many more visits from equally distinguished visitors. Thanks for coming out Jon. It was good times. Now LET"S DO THE FREAKING HALOWEEN CD! Call me! Email me! Anything!

1 comment:

Maker said...

Yes. Do the Halloween disc. I am anxious to get my copy.