14 October 2007

Home for Good...Or At Least a Few Days

As you can see I photographed only the most important stuff, such as Training Table Cheese Fries.

Spencer won some fabulous prizes in the Guess the Contaminant in the Milk contest. Contaminants included onions, salt, ketchup, refried beans, tuna juice, chicken boulion, A-1 steak sauce, chili powder etc.

I actually came out for a wedding. Here is Spencer and the new Sister-In-Law Erin. She's great.

So I had a really good time, watched a lot of The Office and got very little sleep. It was great seeing Jon, JB, Jake and his kids. Then there are those I didn't get to see. I would make angry cursing words but I'm sure you had your reasons. I promise not to hate you all for the rest of my life. While I was there I discovered a treasure trove of goodies from my past. Most of which I promptly threw away. Should I have burned them? It is an effort to purge the memory of She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named out of my life completely. I figure if I treat her like Rocky 5 (pretend like it never existed) then I can be sort of happy.
I DID find a fantastic old pocket watch, the ruined remains of one of my favorite x-mas gifts ever - a Book on classic horror films Jon bought me many a year ago (sorry Jon but it looked like it had been sitting in a tub of water for 10 years) and a pic of me and Jon going back to Timpview's Homecoming dance our Freshman year of BYU.

So it was a fun and fruitfull trip. I hope to come back out again this next summer and of course the ultimate goal is to move out there permenant like in 4 years. We'll see. Thanks to all for a great time.

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Maker said...

It was great seeing you, JR...er, Roy.
Can't wait for your next visit.

Maybe we should have burned all that "stuff" would have been more fun. But the Rocky 5 mentality will probably work just as well. Next time your out, we can burn all of Jon's and Pete's stuff that we find. That will teach them.