27 December 2009

Best Christmas Ever

Last year I was watching The Game of Death with Valerie and I mentioned how cool it would be to own Bruce's famous yellow Jumpsuit. She was paying attention.

I have the best wife ever!
Love you, Val!
"Where's the Doctor?!?"
"Red Pepper."
"Red Pepper Restaurant?"


Snow Flakes said...

wow- you look amazingly hideous yet very 'cool'. I can't take my eyes off that get up. It's way better than the fat gut you had up for MONTHS. Merry Christmas. Val is great. You're one lucky fellow.

Maker said...

Wow! This brings back eerie/hilarious memories of a cloudy dark night back in 1991. We thought it would be fantastical to don ridiculous spandex, cut-off tees, helmets, and safety gear to classic skating. While it was a successful and glorious occasion, and many people really believed that we were indeed German speed skaters in training, I clearly remember being flatly denied entrance to a friend's house because of a certain Devonshire potato. Thankfully, you have remedied the situation here.
This jumpsuit is amazing. Fully.
Thanks for the flashback too.

AMIT said...

Just lovely picture.

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Anonymous said...

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