23 November 2009

The Fattest Week!

This is not going to be a good week for my waistline. I have to work on Thursday but they are providing a huge free Thanksgiving feast at work for FREE! I will be bringing a pecan pie (my new favorite!) and a lemon meringue pie. Then on Friday we are having our own Thanksgiving at the Fillmore house. At least 3 more pies. Then Saturday is the BYU Utah game. I'm the only guy I know who has DirecTV so lots of people will be coming over. I bought 3 racks of ribs, 3 bags of chips with cheese dip and salsa as well as 4 six packs of IBS Rootbeer. I'm also encouraging everyone to bring some food as well. If I don't gain 5 pounds this week it will be because I've died of a heart attack.

BTW go to The Holy War Blog to weigh in on this week's game!


Swint said...

Holy cow, I want to be at your place for the game!!!

Ahh I remember the good times of being the only Utah fan (except when Anton jumped on the bandwagon for that one game). Good times, despite the tears that were shed. This year we have more Ute fans than BYU fans in the Ward, so I will have moral support!


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