29 May 2009

Farewell Truman

Truman Madsen, my favorite employer and family friend, has passed away. You can read his obituary here. When I returned from my mission I took my turn as one of the Fillmore boys who had the immeasurable honor of working for Truman as a secretary, transcribing his correspondence and some writings. In this brief time I learned an enormous amount from his wit and wisdom.He once made a comment in a letter to a friend that I will remember forever. He said "Faith is trusting what your spirit already knows."
When I was engaged to be married he spoke with me and my wife and shared with us knowledge that he had uncovered regarding my personal relationship with Joseph Smith. Indeed it is from Truman that my love and admiration of the Prophet Joseph first began to grow. I believe that Truman must be in the Prophet's company right now. Where else would he be? Thank you Truman and God be with your family.


Chapman Family said...

You have neglected the blog... anywho. The thing you dont know what it is, is a GODSEND! You hook it up to your vacuum, put it on the lowest setting, and suck the boogers out of your child's nose! It's a miracle. Hope you enjoy the show.

Are you thankful today that your wife rocks?

Maker said...

(cough cough) Update your blog, it's getting all dusty.

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