01 November 2008

Poltergeist Movie Commentary

I linked to the actual commentary in my Poltergeist blog, but Jon says I need a new post so it'll show up in your reader, otherwise no one will ever know. So click here, here, here, here or here and listen to our movie commentary. REMEMBER TO HAVE POLTERGEIST READY TO PLAY or at least fresh in your mind.

Stay cool.


Jake and Jessica Fillmore said...

Hope you guys had a great halloween! Jake is already at a head start with his stache, unfortunately for me. I only hate mustaches because its like kissing burly sandpaper. And they make Jake break out and gets in-growns like crazy so I hear all of the complaining after its gone about how he never should have grown one out in the first place. I wouldnt ruin a brothers dream, I might try but in the end, it wouldnt happen.

J.R. said...

Jessica I'm going to bake a cake just for you. Thank you for your understanding.