18 December 2007

Tales of Daring and Peril

Last weekend I went snorkeling with some friends. We saw plenty of beautiful fish, a very large manta ray and this bad boy.

This is the mighty great White Tip shark (not to be confused with a Great White). None the less, this shark was about 20 feet away and close to 5 feet long. I told my mom and she was a bit freaked out but the White Tip is a non-aggressive species. So it looked way cool but posed no danger. All the same, I now swim with sharks. This particular shark I fought but allowed it to live. That's because I respect and yes even love this killer (of tiny fishes) of the sea.

1 comment:

Maker said...

You are a shark bully and should be ashamed.

I was going to wish you a Merry Christmas...